Applicant Tracking System

In order to meet the company goals for hiring and retention of talents, we were challenged to build a tool to improve the efficiency and productivity of the PeopleOps department and make collaboration across our offices better.

I was the design lead embedded on a small multidisciplinary team distributed across three different countries. I contributed to the entire lifecycle of the project, from the discovery phase and user research, through UI design, prototyping in various levels, till the final launch and improvements aftermath.

Being in a fully distributed team was very challenge itself and the design played an important role to keep the transparency of what was going on during the project phases and the constant collaboration between everyone in the team. Up to date research inputs, journey maps, wireframes, and other artifacts helped spark the conversations and kept everyone well informed.

The Process

Firstly, I held individual meetings with all the recruiters in different areas of the business and offices to get a sense of their challenges and the workflows of each individual and team. Then I started mapping all the user journeys and tasks flow from the point of view of the recruiter, their manager, and the candidates in order to identify where were the overlaps and common scenarios.

I started from early on translating all the ideas of features, and user needs into low fidelity mock-ups in order to get into quickly validation loops. I planned usability studies and ran it with our recruiters and stakeholders.

With the initial wireframes tested and refined, we scoped out a roadmap of the product. I worked closely with the front-end developer to build the initial set of features. It started as a simple MVP that crawled all the candidate's applications coming from different sources and listed it in the recruiter's dashboard where they could filter and see the details.


After the release of the initial set of features, we kept the pace of improvements and iterative releases on a weekly basis. Within 2 months of the launch, all of the company recruiters had migrated to the new platform and the positive feedback was amazing to hear. They have embraced the project and we're really proud of having it as their main tool.

In the second stage of the project, we started working in the candidate experience, building interfaces to cover the touchpoints that a candidate has with the company. From the job description to video interviews, and scheduling activities. Overall we managed to improve the perception of the applicant who considered our systems to be a seamless and simpler process compared to similar the other companies they were applying to.