Compliance Management Dashboard

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As part of the compliance tech team, I worked on the new dashboard for the company clients officers. I focused on ways to improve our client's experiences so they could manage and operate all the compliance relate issues in a faster way.

The Process

The main issue was the ability to challenge the assumptions and solutions that the compliance officers already have for the tool, and find creative ways to include the users in the process to make sure we were tackling the right problem and designing the best solutions.

I built many versions of prototypes for the features we wanted to test and make sure we got as many as possible inputs in the qualitative researches before we move a feature to the implementation phase.

While I was involved in the test and validation of new designs, the engineers were moving forward with the implementation of the approved features. In parallel when the back-end was already in place, I would then started designing the UI direct into the code base on top of the existing implementation.